Dreams are memories, maybe? No? I don’t know!                                                                               ­­                 light rays sting bees, 

       I think therefore,                                               it’s here within nowhere                                                                    watching me from the near future

Somewhere over there                                                    something                                                                                                         that doesn’t have form                 

    No one knew to look beyond                                           the unexplainable                                                                                                       never to be repeated 

                        Understanding                                                          Nothing,                        Bitten by pacifist lions                           rest beneath grass of purple slime

          something grabs a hold of me                                                    Dragging                                                                                       oozing from the belly of the beast

      passes on in life it can never be                                                           Consuming                                                                              protruding from the walls,

   nor shall always be what has been                                                                          Living                                  I awoke then found that I was never awake 

             lay dazed and aware of dogs, that sleep in broken beds                                     Breathing               figures which embodies unknown matter

                     as it was never known, to observe is to forget                                                                                              of fact yet still fabricated reality       

                            mortality give guidance through the heavy breath                                                              awakening to a new found morality