Patrick Cassar is an emerging South Australian artist. He graduated from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2016 with his Bachelor of Visual Arts, and is a founding member of Floating Goose Studios, an artist run gallery and studio space in the heart of Adelaide. He has since entered art prizes, becoming a finalist in the Kennedy Art Prize and a semi-finalist in the Moran Portrait Prize in 2017. In June of 2018 Cassar had his first solo show “Deep Focus”.

I am inspired by horror imagery within film and literature. I use the unsettling and disturbing imagery of the macabre when contrasted with the mundane as a way of leading us to resolving our real fears in everyday life. Our irrational fears are exposed and subdued when we explore this genre, leaving us to deal with our rational fears.

Dream theory plays an essential role in the creation of this series, most notably, dreamlike logic. Horror film-makers show us how we may have dreams that are unusual, disturbing and nonsensical.


Photo by Ahsan Qureshi